Thanks for responding, Christina. I am not against CBD. I have used it myself. But to deny the problems of psychosis and pot smoking is in my opinion irresponsible — especially for someone in the medical field. I am sure you can ask ER doctors at your work (if you happen to live in a state where pot is legal) and they will tell you. Unless they too are using which would make it more difficult to get an unbiased opinion.

I am sorry you had problems finding help for your son. I too do not agree with Dr. Amen’s billing or insurance practices but his research is fairly solid. I do have a MS in psychology and have researched the issue thoroughly. Both sides. And I don’t want to infringe on anyone’s right to live their life. What’s in it for me to just be against a substance for no reason? As long as the evidence is increasing and the many professionals are speaking up we have an obligation to listen so that if we do choose to use we should at least be aware of the issues. The fact that you deny that these issues exist is your right.

I guess in your opinion the many psychiatrists, counselors, doctors, EMTs, law enforcement personnel, parents, grandparents, teachers etc. are wrong about the psychosis thing. And you have the right to your opinion. I don’t think you have to worry or be defensive, however. My guess is that pot will remain legal in my state. But that doesn’t mean that we cannot educate people about the risk involved in using. Denying the risks is like denying that there are risks involved with drinking alcohol. We know about them. And we still use. By being defensive and by denying that fact you give more credibility to the side you are trying to fight.

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