Why is it that every time I read these lists about how to be a good friend, I feel like I am all the bad ones on there? I go through the list and go “oh, I did that once” to all of them. This time I decided to read the list twice just to be fair, and the second time I read it like I was the target. Sure enough, I can relate to having received the treatment. Great article. It made me think and made me view it from both angles.

As women, we put so much energy into being a good partner to our husbands, good mothers, good pet owners, good daughters, and maybe our girlfriends get the leftover energy? We are trained through generations to compete for male attention, so that doesn’t help either. Thanks for a thought-provoking article!

M.S. Psychology| I write about life, relationships, things that make me laugh, cry, or all of the above in one piece. Reach me at annaismithwrites@gmail.com

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